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16 Things No One Tells You About The Morning-After Pill

Take that, broken condom.

1. Emergency contraception comes in a few different forms.

2. The morning-after pill is not the same as the abortion pill.

3. You don't need to take it the morning after unprotected sex. You can take it that night or even a few days later.

4. The most effective form of emergency contraception isn’t a pill.

5. You might feel absolutely fine after you take the morning-after pill.

6. But your period could be a little ridiculous afterward.

7. You can get emergency contraception without any prescription or ID.

8. There’s also a prescription-only pill option if you have more time/need more time.

9. And as a last resort, you could use SOME versions of regular old birth control pills.

10. You can take it even if you’re on another form of birth control and you effed it up.

11. You can keep the pill version on hand like condoms.

12. You might be able to get your insurance to pay for it.

13. Your weight probably doesn’t have anything to do with its effectiveness.

14. Taking the morning-after pill won’t protect you from more unprotected sex.

15. You can take it again and again and again, but you shouldn't use it in place of regular birth control.

16. They’re not totally effective, so you might still get pregnant.

Mifeprex is the medication used to nonsurgically terminate an early pregnancy. An earlier version of this article only referred to mifepristone (the ingredient in Mifeprex) which is often used in conjunction with misoprostol.

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