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Parents: What Are Your Best Self-Care Tips?

You seem to have your shit together. Tell us more.

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Being a parent is hard work.

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In addition to raising a tiny human, you also have to take care of yourself...and maybe also your relationship, your job, your pet, etc.

That's a lot to stay on top of.
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That's a lot to stay on top of.

Maybe you found a genius way to carve out time for yourself.

My 4yo just shut the bathroom door on me while I was inside and told me I was in jail. So I locked the door. I love this game.

Maybe you've found little ways to sneak in some any means necessary. / Via

Shelling out for a quality running stroller is basically the new gym membership.

Maybe you've recently expanded your circle of fellow parent-friends, because no one else quite knows what you're going through right now.

justine warrington / creative commons / Flickr: j_dub_warrington / Via

Maybe you make an effort to cook yourself a fancy dinner at least once a week — and not just eat dinosaur nuggets because they're there.

Or maybe you finally caved and took your parents/siblings/third cousins up on their offer to help out every once in a while.

You are not too proud to accept free babysitting.
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You are not too proud to accept free babysitting.

So tell us: What self-care tips would you suggest to other parents?

How do you give yourself a break, make time for you or your relationship, and just generally keep yourself as chill as possible?

Drop your advice in the comments and your tip could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed post!

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