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23 Photos That Are Basically You On Your Period

Nothing to see here, just bleeding from my vagina.

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1. When you know it's coming:

2. When you don't know why you're crying:

3. When you're actually a little relieved:

Maritsa Patrinos / BuzzFeed

4. When the cramps kick in and you're expected to do things:

5. When you pull out the period underwear:

6. When you just want to be alone with your menstrual pain:

7. When it's Day Two:

Warner Bros.

8. When you accidentally snapped at your best friend:

9. When your partner doesn't get it:

10. When you log on to Facebook:

11. When you want a light snack:

12. When your insides are actually revolting:

13. When you try to text:

14. When you're feeling v hormonal:

15. When everything hurts:

16. When you're prepared for whatever:

17. When you play this dangerous game:

18. When you go searching for answers:

19. When you ovary-acted:

20. When someone asks, "What, are you on your period?"

21. When you're just being honest:

22. When you've had it with everything. Literally.

23. When you thought it was over...but no: