What Actually Helps You Feel Better On Your Period?

    Is chocolate-covered ibuprofen a thing yet?

    Getting your period is like being repeatedly punched in the uterus while you slowly lose all control over your skin, mood, sleep, focus, appetite, and bowel movements.

    But as a lifelong subscriber to the Monthly Bleeding Club, you've probably found a few tricks to help you ride it out.

    Maybe it's a glass of pinot noir to take the edge off those cramps.

    Or maybe you found a certain acne spot treatment that saves your face every 28 days.

    Maybe you finally found a birth control method that makes it about 75% less miserable.

    Or a sports bra that can handle all that extra jiggle.

    Or maybe the only cure for your PMS rage spiral is a boxing class, followed by all of the chocolate.

    So tell us, what actually helps when you're on your period?