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23 Reasons Sleeping Is Actually Better Than 90% Of Things

It's not even a competition.

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1. Because sleeping makes everything else seem way less important.

Literally everything.

2. Because nothing good happens after 2 a.m. Or before 2 p.m. for that matter.

3. Because this feeling is literally the best thing in the world:

4. Because it's the most productive way to spend eight hours without actually doing a single thing.

5. Because it's basically like meditating...but without all the introspection.

Jurow-Shepherd / Via

6. And it's just like going to a party — but without the people and the loud music and the consciousness.

7. Because as long as you call it a "power nap," you can pass out in the middle of the damn day and call it strategic.

Get the poster for $3.75 on Etsy.

Get the poster for $3.75 on Etsy.

8. Because sleeping until the pain goes away is a perfectly acceptable way to get rid of a hangover.

9. Because there's always the potential for sex dreams.

And when else are you going to get to sleep with Idris Elba, honestly?
Castle Rock Entertainment / Via

And when else are you going to get to sleep with Idris Elba, honestly?

10. Because sleeping is kind of like a hobby and no one can convince you otherwise.

If we're calling a "hobby" something we do in our free time that we enjoy and isn't work...yes, sleep is a hobby.

11. Because your bed is basically a portal to breakfast.

12. Because "getting enough sleep" is the one piece of adult advice you can actually get behind.

13. Because climbing into bed when you're exhausted is like a full-body orgasm.

14. Because when Friday night rolls around, sleep always sounds better than whatever plans you originally said yes to.

15. Because it gives you a break from the actual shitshow that is your life.

16. Because your boss can't ask you to do things when you're sleeping.

Or they can, but you won't hear them.

17. Because it gives you something to look forward to...every single day.

18. Because there is no judgment when it comes to what you wear (or don't wear) to sleep. / Via

The limit does not exist.

19. Because it can somehow suspend the laws of your bladder for a while.

Casey Gueren / Via BuzzFeed Life

20. Because being asleep at 7 a.m. is a billion times better than being awake at 7 a.m.

That's just science.

21. Because sleeping next to someone is a great way to spend time together without actually talking to them for eight hours.

BuzzFeed Life

22. Because no matter how stressed/anxious/furious you are when you go to bed, you're usually slightly more chill after you sleep.

23. Because the sheer fact that a snooze button exists proves that sleep is a majestic phenomenon that deserves to be cherished. Even in nine-minute increments.
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