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This New Product Teaches Men How To Do Kegels

That's right, it's not just for vaginas.

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So you've probably heard of Kegels — the exercise for your genitals.

It's when you squeeze your pelvic floor muscles, the same ones used for bladder control and sexual functioning. When you do Kegels, you're basically tightening the muscles that you'd use to stop your pee midstream or to hold in gas. But in this case, you're not doing it to hold anything in, you're just doing it to work those muscles.

Experts have been suggesting Kegels to women basically forever. And there are lots of products to help you do them properly.

Obviously you can do them without products. Hell, you could be doing them right now. Look at you go!

But since you can't really check your form in a mirror, the closest alternative would be to tighten these muscles around your finger to see if you're actually squeezing the right ones. So products like kGoal, KegelSmart, and Intensity have been popping up to help you train those muscles while rewarding you with vibrations. Win win.

And now there's a Kegel trainer for dudes!

Minna Life

kGoal Boost comes from Minna Life, the same company that brought vaginas the kGoal, but this one's made to target the male pelvic floor muscles. The company launched a Kickstarter campaign last week and plan to ship the first products to their backers in July 2016 if they reach their goal.

Yep, men have pelvic floor muscles too, and strengthening them can also help with sexual performance and bladder control. / Via BuzzFeed Life

Research suggests that doing Kegels may help men with issues like incontinence, erectile dysfunction, and premature ejaculation. Kegels for men are similar to female ones, where you're lifting up the pelvic floor muscles like you're trying to hold in pee or gas. "Men can do Kegel exercises without any type of device. The reason we created kGoal Boost is because they don't," Brian Krieger, CEO and co-founder of Minna Life, tells BuzzFeed Life.

When you do Kegels, your perineum (the area between the anus and the scrotum) actually flexes a bit, explained Minna Life co-founder Jon Thomas. And you can feel this movement and tightening if you touch the area while you're doing it.


kGoal Boost is like a mini bike seat that you sit on (fully clothed) to do your Kegels.

Minna Life / Via

"When you do these exercises the perineum actually moves," says Thomas. "Through clothing we can actually detect slight pressure changes against the body."

That little seat is attached to an app that tracks your progress and gives you workouts.

Minna Life

When you do something right, you'll get biofeedback on the app and in your crotch (in the form of vibrations).

"Men aren't as aware of why Kegel exercise can benefit them," says Krieger. "We get really frustrated that it is a taboo topic for men." / Via BuzzFeed Life

"We're really excited to try and change that and provide a solution to help people improve that part of their lives," he says.