21 Signs You're Winning At This Whole Adulting Thing

    Measure your life in Brita filters.

    1. Remembering to put water by your bed after a night of drinking.

    2. Making your own doctor's appointments.

    3. Doing laundry instead of just buying more underwear.

    4. Having a medicine cabinet with actual medicine in it.

    5. Buying sheets that didn't come from the dorm section.

    6. Changing the Brita filter.

    7. Doing your taxes.

    8. Having safe sex.

    9. Buying decorative pillows.

    10. Cooking fucking vegetables.

    11. Exercising on your own accord.

    12. Actually taking the high road.

    13. Changing a tire like the actual MacGyver that you are.

    14. Learning wtf a 401k is.

    15. Buying something that's dry clean only.

    16. Actually dry cleaning that thing.

    17. Having a pair of shoes resoled like a damn professional.

    18. Keeping a houseplant alive.

    19. Actually taking care of yourself while sick.

    20. Buying any article of clothing over $50.

    21. And every single time this happens: