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Women: What Do You Talk About When You Talk About Sex?

Tell us everything. No, seriously, everything.

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Let’s be honest: Sometimes, talking about sex with your friends is almost as good as having it.

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But how do you actually talk sex?

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Do you commiserate with them when it’s been way too freaking long? Or humblebrag when you’re getting laid so often that you forgot what day it was?

Do you talk about when you’re going to sleep with someone new, or send a post-hookup text to your best friend to let her know how it went?

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And what about sex in relationships: fair game in brunch conversation, or off the table once you’re exclusive?

We want to know: What do you talk about when you talk about sex with your friends?

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Tell us about the most common things that come up in conversation, what you say, what you don’t say, who you talk to, how you talk about it, and everything in between. Your answer could appear in an upcoming BuzzFeed Life article.

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