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What Advice Do You Have For Actually Loving Your Body?

If it were easy, we wouldn't be asking for your advice.

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Actually liking your body for all of it’s qualities and quirks isn’t exactly something that’s taught or even talked about all that much.

And feeling great in your own skin can sometimes be a work in progress.

But hopefully you’ve learned (or are learning) to love, accept, and appreciate your body a little more every day.

You're actually really rad, you know that? All those body-shaming ads can SUCK IT because yes, your body IS ready for ANYTHING.

So, how do you learn to love your body?

We're looking for any and all stories, whether they have to do with size, weight, skin color, gender identity, movement abilities, or any way that you experience your body.

Tell us: What body-positive advice would you give to yourself or others?

What knowledge do you wish you'd heard years ago? What tips make it easier to feel confident with how you look and feel? Tell us something that's worked for you, an amazing piece of knowledge that changed the way you saw yourself, or maybe just something you wish you could tell your not-totally-as-together younger self. Share it in the comments and it might be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Health article.

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