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You Might Be Putting Your Bra On Wrong

Listen up if you have boobs.

So you may have noticed that there is a fasten-ating bra debate happening right now.

Bra-wearers everywhere weighed in:

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That's right. Most people clasp their bras in the front and then swivel them around before putting the straps on.

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Just 39% of people clasp their bras in the back, which actually seems like the intuitive thing to do.

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And then there's the special 6% that just does whatever the fuck they want.

SO...what is the RIGHT way to put on a bra? We checked with some bra fitting experts for the answer.

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Technically, the right way to put on a bra is by clasping it in the back, bra fitting expert Christina Faraj tells BuzzFeed Life. That's because it requires the least amount of tugging and turning, which could stretch out the bra and cause it to lose its shape more quickly.

But if you hook it in the front and turn it around, that's actually fine too. / Via

Some people just can't hook it in the back — whether it's for lack of flexibility or dexterity or willpower. In that case, front-clasping is the next best option. Your bras may wear out a little bit faster, but it's not really going to do any damage, says Faraj.

Linda "The Bra Lady" Becker tells BuzzFeed Life that this technique is totally fine if that's what works for you. Just make sure that as you turn it around, you place the band in the correct spot, then put one arm through the straps at a time. DON'T put both arms through at once and then raise them so you're pulling the whole bra up that way. That can stretch out your straps.

But there is a wrong way to put on a bra — at least as far as your lingerie is concerned.

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The T-shirt method (where you hook it off of your body and then pull it over your head) is generally frowned upon. "That's the worst thing I can even imagine," says Becker. "If you want to stretch out your bra, that's a good way to do it."

You also don't want to hook it in the back upside down (so the cups are hanging away from you, toward your feet) and then flip it right-side-up. That can bend the wires and eventually lead to them popping out of the bra, says Becker.

The bottom line: However you strap your boobs in is totally up to you. But if you want to make your lingerie last, try not to pull or flip it too much.