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    Hey Parents, Maybe Don’t Give Your Babies Teething Tablets And Gels

    The FDA is investigating seizures associated with the tablets and gels.

    The FDA is telling parents to stop using — and actually throw away — homeopathic teething tablets and gels.

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    In a press announcement issued last week, the FDA warned that these products are not evaluated by the FDA and may pose a risk to infants and kids.

    Homepathic teething products, like those sold by Hyland’s, are sometimes used to soothe gums.

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    But the FDA does not recommend using medication — homeopathic or otherwise — for teething.

    Instead, the FDA and the American Academy of Pediatrics suggest gently rubbing or massaging your child's gums with your finger, or with a cool washcloth or teething ring.

    The FDA issued this new warning since it is currently analyzing adverse events — including seizures — that have been reported to them in the last six years.

    A safety report was also issued in 2010 when an FDA analysis found that Hyland's products contained belladonna, a potentially toxic ingredient.

    The investigation is ongoing, and the FDA will communicate any updates when they have them, FDA spokesperson Lyndsay Meyer told BuzzFeed Health.

    Hyland’s responded to the FDA’s warning on its website, saying it is “confident that Hyland’s Baby Teething Tablets remain safe.”

    In the company's response, Hyland's said that homeopathic products are "regulated as drugs by the FDA."

    "Our Baby Teething Tablets, like all Hyland’s branded homeopathic medicines, are made in facilities that follow current Good Manufacturing Practices and are inspected by the FDA in the same way as other OTC drugs are. You may use them with confidence. We test our products for their belladonna content as well as other tests including microbial contamination. We also have a program to monitor, investigate, and trend all safety reports on any of our products."

    But the FDA told BuzzFeed Health that while it does inspect homeopathic drug manufacturers, their products are not inspected in the same way or with the same frequency as FDA-approved drugs would be.

    You can read more about the FDA inspection process for homeopathic drugs here.

    Although homeopathic drugs do need to be manufactured in compliance with the current good manufacturing practices, they are exempt from "the requirement for laboratory determination of identity and strength of each active ingredient."

    The FDA is warning parents be on the lookout for symptoms like seizures, difficulty breathing, lethargy, excessive sleepiness, muscle weakness, skin flushing, constipation, difficulty urinating, or agitation.

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    If you notice any of these symptoms in children after using homeopathic teething products, the FDA suggests seeking immediate medical attention.

    And, as always, talk to your child's doctor if you're concerned about any medication or symptoms.

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