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    Most Teens Actually Aren't Smoking, Drinking, Or Having Sex

    Sex is out, vaping is in.

    A new report from the CDC is here to tell us that teens are doing OK. Probably better than you expected tbh.

    So, here's a look at what the teens are actually up to these days, which will either make you feel very relieved or very old. Or both.

    Teens are actually having less sex.

    They're also having sex later, and having sex with fewer people.

    They're starting to use more effective birth-control methods.

    But they're not using condoms all that often.

    Teens are reporting less sexual violence.

    Cigarettes are not cool, but lots of teens are vaping.

    Teens aren't even drinking or smoking weed all that often.

    Teens are still texting and driving, despite those scary AF commercials.

    Unfortunately, some teens are still carrying weapons around.

    More teens are reporting feeling sad, hopeless, or suicidal.

    And (no surprise here) most teens aren't getting enough sleep.

    Well, you keep doing you, teens.

    *Throughout this post, we rounded data to the nearest percentage point.