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21 Very Real Struggles For People Who Both Love And Hate The Gym

Gym is bae. (And also sometimes a bitch.)

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3. This is how you feel right after you work out:

5. You regularly complain about not having time for a relationship...but also refuse to reschedule a workout for a date.

8. And you're genuinely conflicted when it comes to hitting the gym or hitting happy hour after work.



9. There will always be one workout that makes you equal parts excited and terrified.

10. You love that pretty much half your wardrobe is gym clothes...

11. But that also means you have to do laundry every three days.

12. You actually love and crave that shaky-muscle, super-sore feeling.

17. ...And others feel like a punishment.

18. You're fairly confident you could survive anywhere for a week as long as you have your gym bag.

19. But if you forget your headphones / hair tie / gloves, your whole fucking workout is ruined.

21. You know you're committed AF.