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11 Things You Never Knew About Sleep Orgasms

Consider them a gift from the slumber gods.

1. Women can have sleep orgasms pretty much anytime.

2. Dudes are more likely to have them when they’re not sexually active.

3. When guys have them, they’re called nocturnal emissions or wet dreams.

4. They might actually be easier to come by than AWAKE orgasms, for some people.

5. People typically have ~feelings~ in their genitals during REM sleep.

6. Guys can have tons of boners throughout the night that don’t result in an orgasm.

7. There’s not a whole lot of research on sleep orgasms, because, how would you even do that?

8. They most likely happen along with a sex dream, even if you don’t remember it.

9. Some sleep positions might be more likely to bring on the sex dreams... and the sleep orgasms.

10. Having sleep orgasms is completely normal and awesome.

11. But don’t feel like you need to TRY to have one.