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    21 Dogs Who Are Excellent At Throwing Shade

    Can you not?

    1. These dogs who just saw your credit card bill and holy crap.

    2. This dog who doesn't really approve of pizza for breakfast, but whatever, he's going to keep it to himself.

    3. This little guy who can't believe you just started another episode of House of Cards. Do you even know what time it is?

    4. This dog who scheduled a solo intervention to discuss your Crocs. He's really just worried about you tbh.

    5. This dog who is shocked and offended at how long it's been since you cleaned the floors.

    6. This dog who knows you declined that call from your mother.

    7. This unimpressed dog who really thinks you should know how to execute a proper flower arrangement by now.

    8. This dog who thinks maybe you should pick up a book every now and then. Learn something.

    9. This dog who knows you actually used a filter on that photo. You're not fooling anyone.

    10. This guy who isn't sure you really know what parallel parking is.

    11. This guy who doesn't think it's actually warm enough for bare legs yet but yeah, whatever, you do you.

    12. This helpful dog who would like to volunteer to teach you how to adult.

    13. This dog who has ~questions~ about your last Tinder date.

    14. This dog who knows you're not actually going to yoga in those yoga pants.

    15. This dog who honestly did not think you were ready for kids yet.

    16. This dog who just saw you eat cake out of the trashcan like an actual animal.

    17. This dog who knows you're on a juice cleanse and wants it to stop immediately.

    18. This dog who knows you haven't done laundry this week. He can smell it.

    19. This dog who's just going to stare at you like this until you put sunscreen on.

    20. This dog who is mocking your Saturday night plans.

    21. This dog who just found A LOT of nudes on your phone.

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