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    17 Things That Are Basically A Workout

    Running from your problems burns hella calories.

    1. This daily calorie burn:

    LexnGer / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: lexnger

    2. Following these directions:

    3. This actual morning workout:

    4. This hardcore set:

    5. This light warm-up:

    6. This upper-body routine:

    7. This sad truth:

    8. This innovative core work:

    9. Walking around with this actual dumbbell:


    10. This heart-pumping regimen:

    11. These ab-scorching moves:

    12. This advanced yoga move:

    13. This thing you've been legit training for:

    14. These serious curls:

    15. This functional fitness:

    16. This leg-shaking set:

    17. This:

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