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33 Hilarious Reasons People Actually Cried On Their Period

"The cheese I was eating reminded me of my ex from Wisconsin."

We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community for the funniest, most ridiculous reasons they've cried while on their period. Here are their all-too-relatable stories:

1. Dog siblings

"I was watching last week's episode of MasterChef Junior, in which Gordon Ramsay asks an 8-year-old if she has any siblings. She replies, 'Yeah! Well, my brother is a Golden Retriever.' Yes. I cried. She said her DOG WAS HER BROTHER!

—Kate Moore, Faceook

2. Cheese and ex boyfriends

E! / Via

"I cried because the cheese I was eating reminded me of my ex from Wisconsin."


3. Aggressively green trees

Sodapix Sodapix / Getty Images / Via

"I once got very upset over the fact that the trees outside my window were too green."

—Cassie Womack, Facebook

4. Wondering where your Beanie Babies are now

Fox / Via

"I'm on my period now and I just cried over my childhood Beanie Babies. I didn't wanna sell them at that yard sale…"


5. Imagining a world without Julie Andrews

Walt Disney Productions / Via

"I was browsing on the internet and it came to my attention that Julie Andrews is 80 years old. Then I thought about all of the joy she brought the world with the Sound of Music, Mary Poppins, The Princess Diaries, etc. I couldn't handle the idea that one day there will be a world where Julie Andrews no longer exists so I broke down sobbing."

—Imani Bazemore, Facebook

6. And one without Taylor Swift / Via

"I realized that one day Taylor Swift is going to stop making music and I will have to figure out my life and the soundtrack to my life on my own."

—Kristen Warren, Facebook

7. String cheese

"I couldn't open my string cheese."

—Margaret Aprison, Facebook

8. This near-death experience

"I sat down on the toilet at my friend's house without looking in first and after I peed, the water was blue. I started crying because I thought blue pee had just come out of my body and was convinced that I was dying. Turns out my friend had blue cleaner in the toilet and had forgotten to remind me to flush it before I peed."


9. The cuteness of raccoons

"I once broke down and cried, full on sob-fest style, because my husband said that he didn't think raccoons were cute. I then showed him multiple photos of raccoons to change his mind and cried even more while doing so.

—Robyn van der Merwe, Facebook

10. The cost of safety pins

"I was going to buy a $2 pack of safety pins, but then I thought about my student loans, so called my mom crying and asking her 'Can I even afford safety pins?! How will I eat this week?! Why did I go to college?!'"

—Maria Núñez, Facebook

11. A tragic mistake on Chopped

Food Network / Via

"While watching Chopped, one of the chefs left the onions in the deep fryer and forgot to plate them. He didn't get sent home, but I was still hysterical because it would have really tied the dish together."

—Frankie Nuckolls, Facebook

12. Potatoes

"One time, I sobbed for at least 30 minutes about the versatility of potatoes. There are just so many options!

—Tess Mangiardi, Facebook

14. The existence of sea lions / Via

"I remembered that sea lions existed. They're just so GOOD. They're like water puppies."

—Amy Kramer, Facebook

15. Not being able to watch Will & Grace

NBC / Via

"Because Will & Grace wasn't on Netflix.

—Logan Rose, Facebook

16. Literally anything that happens on The Voice

NBC / Via

"I always know my period is about to start by watching The Voice. Chosen or not, I cry. Four chair turn? 'They want this so bad, I'm so happy for them.' Two chair turn? 'They deserved more, they were so good!' No chair? Oh boy. That's when it gets deep. 'How dare you Adam Levine? They worked so hard!'"


17. The fact that you don't speak Danish / Via

"Once while I was watching a really intense episode of a Danish crime series on Netflix (Danish audio/English subtitles), I started crying because I don't speak Danish."


18. Not having celebrity parents

Regency Enterprises / Via

"I honestly had a full on BREAKDOWN when I realized I can't and never will be the daughter of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie."


19. A duck that was too adventurous

The Scott / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: thescott365

"I cried because a duck took too long under water when it dove in for food."


20. A strong desire to be on Wheel of Fortune


"I legitimately bawled because I wanted to be on Wheel of Fortune so badly."


21. Not having your face on money

"I started sobbing when I realized that my face will most likely never be on currency. I was just staring at a $10 bill incredibly jealous of Alexander Hamilton."


22. A man eating alone at Moe's Southwest Grill

23. No Diggity / Via

"I cried because 'No Diggity' came on the radio and it is just such a great song."


24. Momentarily forgetting how to spell

Fox / Via

"I once called my best friend crying because I forgot how to spell the word 'cookie.'"


25. A truly majestic dog

Fox / Via

"I cried when I glanced at my dog and thought how gorgeous she is."


26. Old Navy

Old Navy / Via

"Once I was in an Old Navy, waiting in line to pay for my clothes and as I was looking around I said, 'Old Navy has really nice clothes' and just started crying."


27. The jumping ability of lions / Via

"I cried because I read that lions can jump long distances, and was concerned that one would attack me. I live in North America; lions are really not a threat to me."


28. Ant families

ABC / Via

"I killed an ant then cried because I started thinking about the ant's life and I convinced myself the ant had a family and I just killed dad ant."


29. That you'll never be an Olympic figure skater

NBC / Via

"I had a sudden epiphany that I will never be able to achieve my dream of becoming an Olympic figure skater. Note: I've never been ice skating in my 27 years of life."


30. Pizza delivery

"I cried in front of the pizza delivery guy and he just looked at me weird and asked if I was OK and I told him that I was happy that the pizza came."


31. Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Fox / Via

"I watched the series finale of Buffy the Vampire Slayer on commentary for the millionth time, and cried dramatically when Joss Whedon said, 'And that's it, thanks for watching my show.' 'No, Joss, THANK YOU.'"


32. Being rejected by your cat

"My cat sat with my husband and not me."


33. Dennis Quaid

Raincreek Productions / Via

"Every time I'm on my period, Dennis Quaid makes me cry."


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