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29 Self-Care Tips That Will Help You Survive Parenting

Buckle up. You got this.

Being a parent can be hard sometimes. OK, most of the time.

So we asked members of the BuzzFeed Community what they'd suggest to stressed, busy, sleep-deprived parents.

We also checked in with clinical psychologist Christina Hibbert, Psy.D., founder of the Arizona Postpartum Wellness Coalition, for her advice. Here's what they had to say.

Remember: Everyone's situation is different, and comparing yourself to others is not productive or fair. So keep in mind that some of these may be helpful for you and some may be totally off base. Basically, take what you will, but know that you're not "doing it wrong" if some of these seem too much or too little for you.

1. Let go of any guilt you feel about taking care of yourself.

"There's this myth that were supposed to give, give, give to our children, and if we stop or put our feet up or tell them no or take time for ourselves, that people perceive that as selfish," says Hibbert. "But you can't be selfish if you don't have a self. And if you don't care of yourself, you essentially are not a self."

2. Wake up a little earlier if it'll help you be less stressed in the morning.

3. Or just take that time to mess around on the internet.

4. Stop for a super quick walk-in massage between errands.

5. Invest in a jogging stroller.

6. Aim to get at least five uninterrupted hours of sleep — by whatever means necessary.

7. But also, yes, take a nap if you need it.

8. Or use the kids' nap time to chill in complete silence.

9. Join a parenting group or class.

10. Make a Google Calendar event for Self-Care Sundays.

11. Find something that makes your soul happy.

12. Give yourself time outs when you need it — and enforce them.

13. RSVP "no" to a few functions and don't feel bad about it.

14. Prep a bunch of snacks and meals each week.

15. Don't compare your parenting style to someone else's.

16. And maybe unfollow those Facebook parents that make you feel like crap.

17. Make a child-proof room for dates at home.

18. Hide the good snacks.

19. Or find a good snack and go hide.

20. Plan a friends trip.

21. Have a safe word for when you need a little extra help — or when your partner might.

22. Plug in to a podcast while you're doing something together.

23. Take a legit bath with some tea...or wine.

24. Hide in the bathroom when you need it (and when your kids are safe).

25. Trade a "day off" with your partner.

26. Or give each other one morning to peacefully sleep in.

27. Remember that wine is a thing that exists.

28. Also sex.

29. Know when to reach out for professional help.

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