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19 Reasons Working Out With Big Boobs Is The Worst

Boob sweat. ALL of the boob sweat.

1. Finding a sports bra that’s up to the challenge is…a challenge.

2. And the only way to try before you buy is to jog in place in the dressing room.

3. Or doubling/tripling up on bras, which feels a lot like punishment.

4. Even the most well-meaning V-neck can be borderline inappropriate when you break into a jog.

5. You're convinced that certain exercise moves just need to be modified for the DD-and-up crowd.

6. “Let’s just start with a few jumping jacks,” is actually the worst warm-up ever.

7. Jumping rope is also awful.

8. Basically jumping of any kind can go ahead and suck it.

9. And if you’re anywhere close to your period week, running is actually just offensive.

10. It could be argued that stairs are worse on your boobs than they are on your quads.

11. Burpees are all fun and games until a nipple pops out.

12. Do enough mountain climbers and your breasts are bound to escape.

13. And you can really only crunch as far as your boobs will allow.

14. You kind of (definitely) get jealous of all the boobless people working out around you.

15. There’s usually more sweat between your breasts than anywhere else on your entire body.

16. Yoga seems pretty harmless, until you realize you have to readjust after every other pose.

17. And Downward Dog is basically a test of gravity, spandex, and hope.

18. Across-the-body arm stretches are difficult/impossible.

19. So let’s just chill here in child’s pose…otherwise known as face-to-boobs pose.