13 Things Most People Get Wrong About Birth Control

    Your pill maybe doesn't need its own alarm clock.

    1. You need to take the pill at the same time every day or it's not effective.

    2. Birth control = all of the hormones.

    3. The pill makes you gain tons of weight.

    4. Being on birth control too long can mess with your fertility.

    5. You should really take a break from birth control every once in a while.

    6. IUDs are only for people who've already had kids.

    7. Blood clots are usually caused by birth control.

    8. You should stop using birth control a few months before you want to get pregnant so you can get all those hormones out of your system.

    9. You have, like, a 2% chance of getting pregnant while on birth control.

    10. "Pulling out" is basically the same as not using any birth control.

    11. People over 35 can't be on the pill.

    12. Grapefruit can make your birth control less effective.

    13. Birth control is totally free now.

    This post has been updated to mention all fertility awareness-based methods, rather than just the rhythm method.