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Here's What Birth Control Actually Does To Your Sex Drive

Pregnancy protection with a side of low libido? No thank you please.

You may have heard some people complain that birth control killed their sex drive. Maybe you've even thought it yourself.

According to the research, some women report a higher sex drive on the Pill, some report a lower sex drive, and some totally stay the same.

Taking hormonal birth control can screw with your testosterone levels.

And birth control can also make it harder to get wet.

Before you set fire to your birth control, keep these two major caveats in mind:

All that being said, here's what to do if you're on birth control and your sex drive just isn't what it used to be.

1. Consider any other factors that might be playing a role.

2. Consider switching to another pill that works better with your body.

3. Consider switching to an IUD, especially the copper one.

4. Consider lube.

Bottom line: If your sex drive isn't what it used to be, it might not actually be your birth control's fault. But it's worth talking to your doctor about anyway.