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21 Sex Tips That Aren't Bullshit

Things NOT on this list: a rolodex of sex positions, above-average genitalia, or decades of experience.

We asked the BuzzFeed Community what makes someone great at sex. Here's what they had to say:

1. Treating someone's body like it is literally the best thing you have ever seen EVER.

2. Knowing the importance of consent.

3. Talking about sex and what each person likes/dislikes like it's NBD.

4. Getting a little weird.

5. Being honest about orgasms.

6. Sharing a particular kink.

7. Being a giver.

8. But also being a ~little~ selfish.

9. Laughing when it's acceptable to laugh.

10. And legit having fun while you're at it.

11. Playing up the unique chemistry you have with this person.

"If your chemistry is rough and exciting, go with that, and if its more about sweet friendship, stick with that." —arayahl

12. Throwing that whole orgasm goal out the window.

13. Being attentive AF.

14. Exuding confidence — even if you don't totally know what you're doing.

15. Taking your time and being ~thorough~.

16. Having an epic connection with someone — whether that's love or lust or friendship or whatever.

17. Making foreplay a thing.

"Don't skip it. It makes EVERYTHING feel even better." —sakura0101

18. Getting a little primal.

19. Being SUPER AMPED to be there.

20. And being up for anything.*

21. But really, it kinda depends on the person.

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