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39 Sex Tips You'll Wish You'd Heard When You Were Younger

Lube is key, always pee, and orgasms aren't a guarantee.

We asked the BuzzFeed Community for the sex advice they WISH they could tell their younger selves. Here's what they had to say:

1. Lube is your friend.

2. Always be honest with your intentions before you bang.

3. won't be great.

4. Baby oil does not belong near your genitals.

5. She should finish first, tbh.

6. Masturbate all the damn time.

7. Sex doesn't look or feel like it does on screen, so don't judge yourself against that standard.

8. It's OK to be into some weird stuff. You do you.

9. Take the time to figure out ~where~ everything is.

10. Queefs, cramps, weird smells...yeah, it all happens. Go with it.

11. Maybe don't expect earth-shattering orgasms right out of the gate.

12. Your number means nothing.

13. Peeing after sex is IMPORTANT for anyone with a vagina.

14. So is general down-there cleanliness.

15. Btw, you look fucking hot.

16. Orgasms aren’t the gold standard of satisfaction.

17. Drunk sex isn't usually good sex.

"Don't SEX while under the influence! It's sloppy and all over the place and in the end isn't even that much fun if it isn't with someone you care about." —brittw4471abf14

18. Condoms. ALL OF THE CONDOMS.

19. Seriously, always have multiple condoms.

20. Your body should be treated with respect.

21. Wish they would move a little to the left? Say that.

22. Consent is nonnegotiable.

23. Don't want to do something? That's fine, just say so.

24. You might be having sex with the wrong sex.

25. Fake orgasms help no one.

26. Losing your virginity is not a race.

27. Keep an open mind about ~kinky stuff~.

28. Sex on your period can be fantastic.

29. When you're having sex, everyone should be REALLY amped to be there.

30. It's fine to be picky.

31. You could like someone A LOT and still not want to have sex with them.

32. Or you could not like someone AT ALL but still really want to have sex with them.

33. Fun fact: Women like sex just as much as dudes do.

34. Not being in the mood to have sex sometimes is also totally normal and not a sign that you're broken.

"You have a right to say no. Yes, even in a long-term relationship where you've been having sex already. And if he makes you feel guilty or is angry with you for saying no, it is probably not a good relationship." —Sarah Jowett (Facebook)

35. Sloooooooow doooooooown.

36. You'll KNOW when you're having really good sex.

37. Be respectful always.

38. Really be in the moment.

39. Relax.