13 Boner Horror Stories That Will Make You Laugh Then Cringe

    High school algebra was a bitch, huh?

    We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community for their best accidental boner stories — inspired by Nick Jonas's red carpet NARB.

    Here are all the erections they never saw coming:

    1. The job interview boner:

    2. The weightlifting boner:

    3. The Jesus boner:

    4. The classroom boner:

    5. The surprise Viagra boner:

    6. The waterslide boner:

    7. The singing boner:

    8. The lunchroom boner:

    9. The algebra boner:

    10. The ER boner:

    11. The patriotic boner:

    12. The family dinner boner:

    13. The warm beverage boner:

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