28 Reasons People Really Use Birth Control

    Because taking control of your uterus isn't the only reason.

    Birth control doesn't just let you have sex without getting pregnant. For many, it lets you control your reproductive health, treat debilitating symptoms, and even improve your quality of life.

    1. Because you know you don't want kids (for now, at least).

    2. To deal with hellish periods and ovarian cysts.

    3. To treat menstrual migraines.

    4. Or to deal with the symptoms of perimenopause.

    5. Because it helps treat the symptoms of endometriosis.

    6. And it helps you live a normal life with PCOS.

    7. To enjoy sex without making a human.

    8. So you can focus on going to class and getting your master's degree.

    9. To make your periods come at their regularly scheduled times.

    10. Or to make your periods just calm the eff down.

    11. Because cramps are a bitch, to be quite honest.

    12. Because your family is perfect just the way it is.

    13. Because sometimes it's the only thing that can kick acne's ass.

    14. Because regulating your hormones helps improve your mental health.

    15. To eliminate your period altogether.

    16. Or to start your periods if you have PCOS.

    17. Because it helps you embrace sex, instead of fearing it.

    18. To lower the risk of ovarian cancer.

    19. To reduce your periods — especially when using tampons is out of the question.

    20. Because hormonal birth control helps you feel more like you.

    21. To help regulate a mood disorder.

    22. For a sense of control.

    23. Because it's not just that you don't want to get pregnant — you actually can't.

    24. To help with really difficult conditions like seizures.

    25. To regain control after a sexual assault.

    26. Because it can provide extra security if the condom breaks.

    27. Because you have big things planned right now, tbh.

    28. Because it's your body, and you can.

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