Here's What You Need To Know About The Internal Condom

    Looks like a jellyfish, works like birth control.

    The internal condom is something of a mythical creature in the land of birth control.

    1. It's free with a prescription from your doctor.

    2. But you don't necessarily need a prescription — or insurance — to get it.

    3. It goes inside and outside of the vagina.

    4. Because it reduces skin-to-contact, it might also provide greater protection against herpes and HPV.

    5. Internal condoms are latex-free.

    6. It offers about the same pregnancy protection as a male condom.

    7. Experts say it takes a few tries to really get the hang of it.

    8. It comes pre-lubricated with a silicone-based lube, but you can also use oil-based lubes with it.

    9. When the penis first enters the vagina, you'll need to hold that outer ring in place.

    10. It's possible it could help with sexual functioning for both partners.

    11. It can also be used as a barrier during oral sex.

    12. And because it's made specifically for vaginas, it might help someone feel safer and more empowered when it comes to the condom conversation.

    13. But, OK, there's no denying that it looks really freaking weird.

    Still wondering what it feels like? We asked two couples to try it out a few times and tell us what they thought. Watch it here:

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    This post has been updated to use a more inclusive term for the FC2 condom.