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14 Struggles Only A Single Girl Can Relate To

This article is a must-read for those who are singles and struggling to find their partner.

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1.When you find it annoying to see lovey-dovey couples celebrating ‘Valentine’s Day’ and you feel like pulling your hair out and scream.

2.When your best friend shows you the expensive presents gifted by her ‘Bae’, and you feel like saying - ‘Look I’m Jealous’.

3.When your friends are busy chilling out with their partners on the weekend and you feel rejected or lonely.

4. When you hit the dance floor and groove alone as you don’t have a partner to shake your booty with.

5.You’re sick of the romantic movies and don’t want to watch them anymore as they remind you of your solitary life.

6. It’s a slumber party and you find your girl friends busy talking to their boyfriends over the phone. Left alone? Aawww... Poor Soul!

7. When you get tired of listening to your friend’s relationship problems.

8. You hate to go on shopping with that mushy friend who wants to buy a gift for her significant other. But then do you have a choice?

9. When your friends suggest you to find someone in life as if being single is a crime. “Spare me from unwanted advice please!”

10. FREE COUPLE ENTRY in clubs, but not for you darling. Damsel in distress!

11. Feeling of being ditched when your friends cancel the hang-out plans at the eleventh hour because of their ‘candle light dinners'?

12. When you lie to your friend’s parents and say ‘she was studying with me last night.’

13. At times you desperately want someone to calm you down in stress. To be precise - ‘you need a shoulder to cry on’.

14. Feeling of dying alone and thinking that you will never find ‘The One’ in this lifetime.

So the moral of the story is - “Happiness is within and can’t be granted to you by someone else.” Be it single or mingle, we must move ahead in life cheerfully and should enjoy each moment as if there’s no tomorrow. Don’t lose hope; we bet you will soon find a partner for yourself!

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