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Troian Bellisario And Patrick Adams Are Your New Favorite Couple

They're both on hit shows, but did you know they're a couple IRL? Update: They're engaged!

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They met in 2009 in LA when they were both cast in a play called Equivocation, before either Pretty Little Liars or Suits was in production. However, less than a year later they split for the usual reasons—conflicting schedules, distance, etc.

Right after they broke up, Patrick used every connection he could think of to get a very important audition.

"Troian broke up with me, and I didn't want to break up," Patrick says. "The next day, completely un-ironically, I got an audition for her show, for a very small part on her show. A part that, at that point in my career, I would not have typically gone out for, because it was like one day of work, on Pretty Little Liars... "I wanted her back, and so I went after that part with full force [...] I prepared for this Pretty Little Liars audition more than I've prepared for anything in my life."

Skip ahead to 4:19 to hear the story straight from Patrick's own sweet lips.



Okay, moving on. It's really important to remember that they're not just adorable, pretty faces.

From an interview with Troian:

"I've been eating my body weight in mangoes since I've been here," confessing she's a big dried mango fan. "So when I got here, there was a bowl of dried mangoes—I ate it and I was like the happiest girl and like about an hour later, I was like crying on the bed, 'My stomach is killing me!"

Update — Feb. 14, 5 p.m., ET: According the People, Troian and Patrick are engaged. Congrats you two!

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