Animals With Hobbies

Animals—they’re just like us!

When they’re not sneaking around or plotting your destruction, cats relax with a Sudoku puzzle.

Simba likes a refreshing swim when he’s not busy ruling over the Pride Lands or mourning his father (R.I.P. Mufasa—gone but not forgotten!!!).

Elephants never forget, which lends itself nicely to recreating landscapes on canvases.

When you’re not looking, your dog is using his engineering skills to build his own table…and eventually, to take over.

This panda isn’t eating that bamboo—he’s whittling it into a lethal spear.

Koalas are always hugging, but you already knew that.

Dik diks enjoy assisting baby boomers and the elderly with technology.

“Hey! Hey look! Hey, I’m planking.”

Cute as they may be, red pandas are always the last to know about internet trends.

Monkeys like shopping at Ikea in shearling coats. DUH.

Turkeys are adept at playing chess, but only with Jason Segel. (Me too, turkey.)

This badass squirrel goes nuts for an afternoon joyride. Heh…nuts.

(By the way, his name is Wyatt.)

Corgis and their books, amiright?

The underrated ibex is DOPE at parkour. PARKOUR!

Ahh, sunbathing. Observe the mini pig in its happy place.

Fact: All animals LOVE to DJ.

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