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    19 Things From eBay That'll Help You Start Off 2022 On The Right Foot

    Good hair days, faster snow shoveling, and air fried treats are coming our way.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    Hey there! Did you know that eBay has a Certified Refurbished section? That means you can score brands like Dyson, Bose, KitchenAid, and more for discounted prices *without* worrying about quality because they've been professionally inspected, cleaned, and refurbished by the manufacturer or a manufacturer-approved vendor to meet strict specifications. Meaning: they're still like-new. 

    1. A Dyson hair straightener that uses flexing plate technology to shape and gather hair. This method calls for less heat damage, flyaways, and unwanted frizz. Plus, you can charge it for 30 minutes of cordless straightening.

    Woman straightening hair with Dyson's Corrale Straightener
    Dyson / Via eBay

    Offers three heat settings (330-degrees F, 365-degrees F and 410-degrees F) and made to straighten or curl hair depending on preference. Features auto shutoff and safety lock to keep you and your loved ones safe from this heating tool.

    Promising review: “Just let my hair dry naturally and it was a frizzy, curly mess…straightening it was a breeze with the Dyson!” —blackwatch7

    Price: $374.99 (originally $499.99)

    2. An air fryer to bake, fry, grill and roast your favorite foods with the click of a button. Its rapid air technology creates a juicy, delicious flavor without the tons of oil required by traditional fryers. When it comes time to clean, simply rinse out the non-stick basket and drawer and you're all set. We love a future with fewer dishes to wash.

    Black Philips air fryer with french fries inside
    Philips / Via eBay

    Heats food up to 390°F. Includes a digital touch screen and an auto-off function. 

    Promising review: “This air fryer does everything I wanted it to do. Makes great fries and wings. Used it for homemade tortilla chips and it worked great. Enough capacity for two people. No preset temperature settings. It allows you to manually set temperature and time.” —cwillis_99

    Price: $59.95 (originally $299.95)

    3. A cordless shovel that quickly removes the huge piles of snow coming your way this season. Using its cordless charger at full charge, experience over an hour of seamless snow removal made easier with its dual grip construction.

    Person shoveling snow with the cordless shovel

    Promising review: "With my 13", and my bigger 18" snow blower, I have NO problem with my two-car driveway or sidewalk! Cleared it out in 20 minutes this morning. A must-have." —anddickerso_1

    Price: $119.99 (originally $179)

    4. A 5-in-1 drill kit so you can finally tighten those loose screws around the house and overall give your home some TLC. With five angular attachments, easily pick one which suits your needs whether its tight edges or right angles.

    Blue Bosch 5-1 drill set with different nozzles
    eBay / Via eBay

    Includes a 12V charger and a carrying bag for easy transport.

    Promising review: “Ergonomically perfect, ample power for a 12 volt, great ability to get into tight spots without rounding out screwheads, (doorknob installs) speed & clutch settings are spot on, with the 4ah battery its perfectly balanced. ” —madmike9

    Price: $119.99 (originally $249.99 )

    5. An Arlo security camera to keep an eye on your property with its 2K video and spotlight feature. Equipped with direct Wi-Fi connection, view live video and audio from your smartphone and receive motion detection alerts.

    Arlo security camera on wall
    eBay / Via eBay

    Has a six-month battery life and includes three-month trial.

    Promising review: “Easy to install and sync using the iPhone app. Had to reset a couple of them before they would sync. Clear picture good adjustments for light, flashlight, range of motion detection, etc. Easy to hang on most any surface, easy to adjust the correct view, and easy to charge the batteries. Battery life is good if you don't use microphone and speaker. We turn those on only when we need them.” —mercury51leadsled

    Price: $299.99 (originally $499.99)

    6. A lightweight Garmin sports watch to keep track of heart rate, miles, calories, and steps all in one so you can get MOVING this year. Easily connect to a smartphone to take advantage of music controls and live tracking of family and friends for some friendly competition.

    Black Garmin sports watch with October 16 date and 12:23 time stamp
    eBay / Via eBay

    Features built-in GPS and automatically uploads fitness data to Garmin Connect.

    Promising review: “All the features MAKE me wanna be healthy. I love the sleep feature. It records deep to light sleep and it is awesome seeing your patterns in the APP.” —michaest.aman-0 

    Price: $89.99 (originally $199.99)

    7. An iRoomba robot vacuum that features powerful lifting suction technology to remove dirt and hair — meaning you'll actually be able to keep your home clean without any effort at all. It navigates its way through your home in rows for an efficient clean unlike no other, but you can take full credit.

    the robot vacuum

    Plus, there's no need to empty as its automatic emptying lasts up to 60 days.

    Promising review: “The i7 does a fantastic job of cleaning the floors, including the cat hair. I don't have any experience with any previous robotic vacuums, but the smart room mapping feature is awesome for setting up and scheduling quick, individual room cleanings and for setting up boundaries. The automatic dirt disposal is also extremely handy and basically allows us not have to come home to find the cleaning job hasn't finished due to the bin being full, which is the compliant we heard from friends who do not have the auto dirt removal.” —stick-steve

    Price: $549.99 (originally $849.99)

    8. A pressure washer equipped with an 1,800-watt motor to deep clean those driveways, cars and windows so you're literally off to a ~fresh~ start this year. Seamlessly switch detergents with its two-tank system and get up into those tiny crevices with the conveniently thin spray wand.

    Man with pressure washer on patio
    eBay / Via eBay

    Features rear wheels for easy transport. 

    Promising review: “This electric pressure washer is easy to assemble and has an excellent fit and finish for the price. It also happens to work very well, which is really the whole point. I've used it to clean off polywood patio furniture and the cement on my front porch. This pressure washer did a masterful job on both.” —switch-blade-knife

    Price: $117 (originally $159)

    9. A Honeywell Home programmable thermostat that you can monitor from your home and smartphone, because it's about time your home is always at *justtt* the right temp. With its app, you can adjust indoor temperature settings to fit your needs whether it's setting a schedule or turning on and off.

    Honeywell thermostat on wall inside modern home
    eBay / Via eBay

    Link to Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, etc. to control from anywhere in your house.

    Promising review: “Awesome value for Honeywell thermostat that is smart wifi version that access anywhere outside home with internet. Free "Total Connect Comfort" App works on both android and iPhone that has voice active inside app. You also can set up alerts if not keeping temperature. Id for sure buy again as lot cheaper then these more expensive one out there. ” —rrcoster-5

    Price: $39.99 (originally $129.99)

    10. A humidifier to add moisture to a room with its cool misting properties. Dare I say, this will be the year you say adieu to nosebleeds?

    Blue Crane air purifier on table next to plant
    eBay / Via eBay

    Add some water to its 0.2 gallon tank and let this quiet device run for up to eight hours.

    Promising review: “We love this little cool mist humidifier! It is very quiet, easy to set up, and has a very handy automatic turn off feature when the water is out. We use it all winter in our bedroom, and take it with us when traveling for hotel use. The small size makes it easy to take with on travels. This is actually our second one.” —ljdimple

    Price: $19.99 (originally $69.99)

    11. A wireless charger for making sure dying phone emergencies are left in 2021. Not to mention you can *also* say goodbye to tangled chargers in your purse, because all you need to do is place your phone on the center of the pad and watch the battery level rise.

    Anker black wireless charger on surface
    eBay / Via eBay

    Promising review: “It's the best charging pad on the market AND it's priced right! I bought two of these and the stand up charger. These chargers also work with a case on. Buy with confidence!” —degen-r-8

    Price: $9.99 (originally $12.99)

    12. A simplehuman sensor mirror to take a deep look into your skin with 10x magnification. Whether you're applying makeup or washing your face, this foldable mirror can help you see everything up close. Suddenly our makeup skills are vastly improved.

    the LED mirror

    Price: $91 (available in two finishes) 

    13. An Xbox headset that'll seriously upgrade your gaming experience thanks to its impeccable sound quality and volume control. When it comes time to talk with fellow gamers, use the boom mic to communicate and achieve your best score yet. Plus, say goodbye to ear pain with its cushioned cuffs that fit comfortably around your ears.

    Black gaming headset

    Promising review: “Hands-down one of the most comfortable headset I have ever used. For value you can't go wrong with it.” —meritil14

    Price: $58.99 (originally $79.99)

    14. A pair of wireless earbuds designed for workouts, daily activities, and anything else you can imagine. You can easily connect them to any smart device, and put the agony of untangling headphones behind you. Plus, their built-in microphone makes it easy to answer phone calls.

    Pair of black wireless earbuds with skull logo
    eBay / Via eBay

    Note that these earbuds wirelessly charge.

    Promising review: “The overall quality is very good and meets my needs. The sound is good and the ear buds are very comfortable. Pairing the ear buds to my phone was very easy and charge time was surprisingly fast. Solo ear bud use is easy to use and the ear buds offer a wide number of touch controls.” —g11354

    Price: $17.99 (originally $99.99)

    15. A MacBook Pro for those personal, career, and academic needs. With its bright screen and intense color saturation, stream and browse the internet with the highest quality. And at 5.5 pounds, you can easily carry around this lightweight laptop, making it ideal for travel.

    2012 MacBook Pro open with mountain screensaver
    eBay / Via eBay

    Includes two-year warranty.  

    Promising review: “2012 MBR 15" is very upgradable. This computer looks almost new. Inserted my own RAM and SSD. Very sturdy with large display. Upgraded OS X to Mojave and has been working fine.” —fanton13

    Price: $499 (originally $1,999)

    16. A Cuisinart food processor to better prepare those large or ambitious meals if you're making 2022 the year you finally upgrade your cooking. Its stainless steel blades are designed to chop, slice, and purée, making it exceptionally easy to prep even the most intimidating recipes.

    CuisinArt food processor with fruits inside
    eBay / Via eBay

    Easy to disassemble and wishwasher safe. 

    Promising review: “I love this food processor! It's a replacement for an older unit. I like the lighter weight...It's easier for me to put away and move. It has worked great with everything I've done so far.” —witness

    Price: $59.99 (originally $129.99)

    17. A Hoover carpet cleaner for making 2022 the year unexpected stains don't ruin your entire day — yes, even if your dog runs into the house with muddy paw prints. This bb can clean up messes in less than 45 minutes thanks to its strong nozzle, so you can back to whatever you were doing and *not* agonize over literal spilt milk.

    Paw print stains on a carpet with Hoover carpet cleaner
    eBay / Via eBay

    Includes a two-year warranty. 

    Promising review: “Best shampooer I've ever owned. Powerful suction and the brushes get deep into the fibers. My carpets look like new again after 13 years. Very easy to operate. Light weight, and lots of great features. Buy one, you will be glad you did.” —richardarr54

    Price: $179.99 (originally $229.99)

    18. A Bluetooth soundbar that'll seriously elevate the volume from your favorite movies and television shows. And you don't even need to lift your butt off the couch during your next movie marathon, thanks to its built-in Amazon Alexa capabilities for voice commands.

    the soundbar underneath a tv

    Price: $119.99 (originally $179.99) 

    19. A Cuisinart steel waffle maker for starting 2022 mornings off right by making two thick waffles at a time. It even features a rotating handle for easy flipping to ensure they're cooked evenly (and extra fluffy). Plus, its nonstick coating makes it a breeze to clean up and stow away.

    CuisinArt waffle maker next to waffles with fruit
    eBay / Via eBay

    Features LED lights and beep tone to indicate when finished.

    Promising review: “Excellent product for the price. Great waffles. The beeps are inaudible to my Dad and myself. The wife, the daughters can hear it fine. I had a Waring with the same problem. The beep is beyond my hearing range is all. Makes a great waffle.” —ckselfe

    Price: $84.99 (originally $199.99)

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