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    The Absolute, Tiniest Detail In Encanto You Definitely Missed

    Somehow even 10 months later, this sweet detail has gone unnoticed.

    As you may know, Disney loves adding little easter eggs in all their movies, and Encanto is no exception:

    Encanto movie poster, showing the entire family in the Casita, with Bruno hidding in the background and an oval pointing him out.

    While there are many details you've probably already seen, I wanted to point out the tiniest one that you likely missed.

    Throughout the movie, butterflies are incredibly symbolic for the Madrigal family.

    You can spot them everywhere, including Mirabel's room:

    Mirabel is sitting on her bed in her room, with her drawings on the wall, and 4 butterflies that she has drown circled.

    In Mirabel's shirt collars, here:

    5-year old Mirabel wearing a white dress with butterfly outlines on her dress collar.

    and here:

    Mirabel waving

    On the Casita's walls:

    Mirabel walking, the Casita's walls are next to her covered in repeating butterfly motifs.

    and on the family's Miracle Candle:

    Abuela Alma holding 5-year old Mirabel, looking at the Miracle Candle with a butterfly outline on it, brightening the room.

    They are also present in two of the most important moments in the film.

    Most notably here, when Abuela Alma and Mirabel reconcile:

    Abuela Alma and Mirabel hugging in the marsh surrounded by trees, while the sun shines down on them and hundreds of golden butterflies surround them.

    And, in a place where they're often overlooked, during the first moments Abuela Alma and Abuelo Pedro meet:

    Young Abuela Alma holding on to a wooden pole above a crowd, looking at young Abuelo Almo who is across from her with his back turned to the audience, while butterfly decorations are hanging on top of the wooden polls around them.

    The other sweet place where butterflies are found? In a blink and you'll miss it moment, you can see them right around the family's photo frames.

    The Madrigal family's photo frames.

    It's difficult to see them from that far away though, so here they are zoomed in:

    The tiny butterflies around the family's photo frames, zoomed in and with four circles around them pointing them out.

    And, perhaps coincidentally (though knowing Disney doubtful), they are in a similar position as the butterfly in this pivotal moment between Abuela Alma and Mirabel:

    Abuela Alma and Mirabel hugging, while at the bottom of the picture there is a butterfly sitting on a plant.

    They're tiny, but shows that every single frame from the movie is packed with details and tributes to the film's themes. What do you think? Are there any details in Encanto you've spotted that most people have missed?