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Why Hemp Products Will Be The Next Superfoods

Hemp is a variety of the Cannabis sativa plant, and it is one of the world’s oldest domesticated crops.

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Despite being from the same Cannabis species as marijuana, hemp cannot make you high and contains less than 1 percent THC or tetrahydrocannabinol. Not understanding this important fact is often what gets hemp overlooked, and this is quite unfortunate. That’s because hemp is one of the most useful agricultural products in the world. Both the seeds and the stalks can be used to manufacture foods like milk and cereal, automotive products like varnish and paint, fibers like paper and material for clothing and many other things. Before diving into the top reasons why hemp is the next big superfood, let’s talk about the various forms of hemp.

First, there are hemp seeds. These can be added to salad dressings, health bars, smoothies or granola mixes. You can also use hemp in old form. This is called CBD or cannabidiol. You’ll be seeing a lot of cannabidiol in the future because it has so many proven health benefits. Again, neither of these products can or will get you high.

In terms of nutrition, hemp is certainly a superfood, and here’s why.

1. Hemp seeds are an excellent source of protein, especially for vegetarians and vegans. They can also improve your heart health.

A quarter of the calories in hemp seeds come from protein. If you are a vegetarian or vegan, you need to make sure that you include protein in your overall food intake, and because you don’t eat meat, this means that you need to find protein elsewhere.

Many vegetarians and vegans end up turning to foods like quinoa. This is a great idea as quinoa has tons of protein, but hemp seeds have just as much. In addition, hemp seeds have high levels of amino acids, omega-3s, omega-6s and other essential nutrients to help promote heart health, making them easily the best choice.

2. Cannabidiol helps decrease anxiety and increase healthy alertness and energy

One of the best benefits of cannabidiol is that it’s great for mental health. This doesn’t mean that it’s great because it helps you get high. This oil has absolutely no power to induce a high of any kind. Instead, recent studies on this oil have published that just one dose can help you calm your nerves before a big event, like speaking in front of a large crowd.

In addition to helping calm you down when you’re anxious or stressed, CBD oil can also increase alertness and energy. These two hemp powers may seem like opposites, but they’re not. The great thing about the way that cannabidiol oil helps increase your energy is that it does so without giving you a weird feeling. You won’t feel the way that you do when you drink too much coffee. On the contrary, you will feel energized and settled while able to accomplish whatever it is you like.

3. Hemp seeds contain large amounts of fiber, which aids digestion and can help with weight control.

Lately, digestive health has been all the rage. Probiotics seem to be the digestive aid du jour, but hemp seeds should be close behind. That’s because fiber is the actual critical element in healthy digestion, and hemp seeds have an inordinate amount of both insoluble and soluble fiber.

The soluble fiber will dissolve into a gel, and this will aid in slowing down digestion. This makes it excellent for helping people lose weight. When your digestion slows down, it helps you to feel fuller for longer. Essentially, your appetite will be suppressed in a natural way, and you will certainly be getting an adequate amount of nutrients.

The insoluble fiber in hemp seeds does not break down, and it will pass right through your system. This can help move things along so to speak. It won’t leave a rock in your stomach after you eat, and you’ll be able to improve your digestive regularity.

If you are interested in learning more about hemp and cannabidiol, do some research of your own. Sadly, hemp has gotten a negative rap since the 1930s because of its association with marijuana, but you will certainly be seeing more of it in future years, so get on the bandwagon now!

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