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    18 Photos That Prove People Who Wear Heels Are Doing God's Work

    If boots are made for walking, heels are made for crying.

    1. Sure, heels look cute on a store shelf, but let's be real, it takes a warrior to wear 'em.

    2. For one, we have to deal with trying to look hawt AF, but instead feel like a newborn baby giraffe.

    hollivictoria / Via

    3. This is especially frustrating because it's so hard to find a pair that freakin' fits in the first place.

    pinkhawaii / Via

    4. But we're committed, even though the world is full of obstacles.

    annetteconlonmusic / Via

    5. Even mother nature is against us.

    deedee_fullwood / Via Instagram: @deedee_fullwood

    6. And don't get us started on that demon spawn called grass.

    katewalks82 / Via

    7. Our own homes are no longer safe with traps waiting to ensnare us at any moment.

    justtito / Via

    8. But still, in the pursuit of fashion, we persevere. Through the pain of smushed toes.

    christblsd / Via

    9. And the straps that break literally the day you buy them.

    aynabianca / Via

    10. Or that infamous ~click-clack~ sound when this ugly metal piece rears its head.

    sutchil / Via

    11. The not-so-fashionable holes we get on the knees of our pants from falling.

    the_meadow_wolf / Via

    12. And this! In the name of all that is sexy why?!

    favoloso_mama / Via

    13. The ultimate betrayal, when your heel just decides to up and ghost you.

    cardasa / Via

    14. Leaving without even bothering to say goodbye.

    quiche___lorraine / Via

    15. THEN we have our battle wounds to deal with. From skinned heels...

    britt_marie135 / Via

    16. feet swollen up like balloons...

    glitt3rkitt3n / Via

    17. even the occasional twisted or broken ankle. But we patch ourselves up.

    mistykritch / Via

    18. And give ourselves some well-deserved pampering. Knowing full well, one day, we will rise — on our heels once more, victorious!

    stephanielamannaa / Via