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    19 Jokes That Only People Who Grew Up Christian Will Understand

    "For lent I'm just giving up"

    1. This familiar "death is imminent and you cannot escape" look.

    When the pastor starts preaching about disobedient children and your mom looks at you like

    2. Jesus, the original David Blaine.

    [At Last Supper] *Jesus raises bread* This is my body *raises wine* & my blood *pulls out 8 of Clubs* & this is your card *Apostles go nuts*

    3. This reminder of Jesus's most lit miracle.

    4. If you didn't answer this question correctly did you even Veggietales?

    and now it’s time for: ⚪️ snacks ⚪️ sex 🔘 silly songs with larry, the part of the show where larry comes out and sings a silly song

    5. This tweet that brings back memories of all your old Wow CDs.

    You can write a song and get played on the radio for about 9 months, or you can write a CHRISTIAN song and KLOVE will play it for 9 years.

    6. Now the story of a wealthy man who lost everything... and the one God who had no choice but to keep going — it's Old Testament Development.

    7. Proof that heaven is gonna be hella awkward.

    me: "we commemorate the day you died every year" jesus: "thats nice, what's the day called?" me: jesus: me: jesus: "keith?" me: "bad friday"

    8. This exchange that was weirdly left out of the gospels.

    Judas: The one I kiss is Jesus Christ. Soldier: You can just point to him. Judas: (putting on lip-balm) I don't tell you how to do your job.

    9. When your church tries to relate a little to hard to the youths.

    Instagram: @churchofmemes

    10. Proof that if God is a woman, Tyra Banks juuust might be Jesus.

    twelve disciples seated here at this table to share my last meal of this earth... but only one can be America’s Next Top Model

    11. This joke that you shouldn't have laughed at — but definitely did.

    12. This biblical query that we all deserve an answer to.

    Nobody talks about Jesus' miracle of having 12 close friends in his 30s

    13. When you have to calculate how many times to forgive the person who spoiled Game of Thrones for you.

    14. This reminder that you are basically doing lent all the time.

    15. That often forgotten volume Harry Potter and the Order of Your Parents to Not Read That Witchcraft.

    16. "You're tearing me apart, Judas!" — Jesus, probably.

    17. This explanation for the first viral post.

    God: So Moses, how do I get more followers? Moses: Well people don't want to read a whole scripture, you have to distill it into like 10 rules God: there's no way you can distill everything I've said int- Moses: GOD'S TOP 10 COMMANDMENTS (Number 7 Will SHOCK you) God: holy shit

    18. Gosh dangit, this freaking darn joke.

    19. And finally, you are lying to yourself if you wouldn't answer this too.