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We Tried 4 Overnight Curl Hairstyles And Got Woke

Join us in our search for the Holy Grail.

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Hey, Caryn and Connie here and we gotta admit - we are lazy AF. So when we heard there was a way to sleep on your hair and wake up to perfection, we were like, "Where do we sign up??". So here's our journey to look like a million bucks with ZERO effort.

Curl 1: The Headband Curl.

*Start all of these hairstyles with just the slightest of damp hair like 90% dry.

Connie: I thought I'd embrace my inner hippie with this one. The only thing you need for this is an elastic headband. Take a section of your hair and twist it away from your face then twist it around the headband adding pieces as you go until you have your entire hair wrapped around.

Woke up and realized everything had kind of migrated to the back where it was A LOT looser than the night before. After finally wrestling my hair out of the headband, I discovered GORGEOUS curls in the front and not so curled hair towards the back. Hot tamales guys, I was SHOOK by how well this turned out. Next time I would probably twist more near the front so the back isn't so loose. As my mom always says, "Gotta keep it tight!"

Time it took: 8 minutes
Sleep Comfiness: 7/10. Slightly annoying with the elastic and definitely PLAN AHEAD you will have a line where the headband is on your forehead.
Curl Bounce: 8/10
Longevity: 5/10. It stayed but fell pretty drastically to beach waves by the end of the day.

Curl 2: The Leia Buns.

Caryn: TBH one of the best parts of these hairstyles is getting to look like your favorite galactic princess when you go to bed. Middle part your hair into two sections, twist these backwards away from your face as tight as you can, then secure with a hair tie. It's so easy a scruffy nerf herder could do it!

Everything was still solid in the morning, but as I started taking it down I definitely was throwing some side eye. It kinda looked like two twisty pipe cleaners. But I kept the faith and flipped my head back over to these stunning curls! I wish in hindsight that I would have put the buns a little higher up so I could have gotten more of the top of my hair involved, but not too shabby!

Time it took: 3 minutes! Seriously this one is so easy it would actually take you longer to not do anything to your hair before bed.
Sleep Comfiness: 4/10. SO as a ride or die side sleeper this one was a bit tricky to manage.
Curl Bounce: 6/10. I actually really loved the overall shape but I was wanting a bit more of the defined curl look.
Longevity: 5/10. This bad boy fell really significantly, I would definitely use a lot more hairspray next time.

Curl 3: The Mermaid Curl.

Connie: Mermaid. Curl. Yeah, I was already hooked - line and sinker. This one is a little more advanced, but if you know how to do a french braid you are in like sin. Use two instead of three strands twisting each strand around the other and adding pieces of hair to the overlapping strand as you go. Then, bobby pin those suckers until even a gale force wind couldn't snatch 'em.

This held up soooo well overnight and is pretty much its own adorable hairstyle before you shake the curls out. But I defied my lazy instincts and brushed my fingers through, to find the beachiest of waves fit for my mermaid self.

Time it took: 10 minutes. This was the longest one, that second side was a little tough ya'll!
Sleep Comfiness: 9/10. This was awesome since my hair wasn't in my face but there was the occasional odd bobby pin mishap.
Curl Bounce: 3/10. This one is DEFINITELY more of a wave/crimp.
Longevity: 10/10. This had staying. power.

Curl 4: The Bunhead Curl.

You're gonna need a sock bun for this curly style. Put your hair up into a high ponytail and secure with an elastic. Slip your sock bun on all the way down to the base. Separate your hair into two parts and wrap each of these sections around and through the sock bun until you run out of hair.

The bun stayed secure on top of my head all night long and when I tugged it down I knew this must be a ballerina bun because these curls are EN POINTE! The best part about this one is the incredible volume it was able to achieve. I felt ready to walk a Victoria's Secret runway!

Time it took: 5 minutes. Its a little tough to get it back through the center but push it, push it real good and you'll be a-okay!
Sleep Comfiness: 10/10. No bobby pins, no hair in my face, I slept like a baby.
Curl Bounce: 9/10. So Bouncy.
Longevity: 7/10. It did fall throughout the day but even that looked nice.

Connie: These turned out WAY better than I ever expected them to. I would definitely say everyone should give them a shot. The curls that these make are totally worth the small amount of time it takes to do them. My favorite was definitely The Headband curl and I will try it again for sure!

Caryn: I mean can you say life changing?? For a girl with dead straight natural hair it was so nice to wake up with something fun and new to work with in the morning. If I were to do it again I would change a few things (higher and tighter is always better) and you could always run a curling iron over the small sections that don't work out. My favorite by far was The Bunhead Curl, I'll be trying it again ASAP!

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