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23 Things You Need For A Magical Harry Potter Dorm Room

Or should we say, "Common Room"?

1. No better way to enter your room than with this door decal.

2. Don't forget your ticket (doormat, that is)!

3. This beautiful bedding set is also reversible.

4. You will love this precious pillow for many years to come.

5. This pillow is the Chosen One.

6. The pillow chooses the bed, so they say.

7. Support your house with pride with this throw blanket.

8. Whether you like tracking in dirt or tracking your friends around campus, this Marauder's Map rug is the one for you.

9. This light switch cover is just brilliant. Now if we can just figure out how to turn the lights off from in bed.

10. A great place to put your keys and wands.

11. This print is almost too pretty for words — almost.

12. Map out the best way to the Quidditch pitch with this larger than life magical Hogwarts Map.

13. Give your school crest a place of honor with this Hogwarts Banner.

14. This charming plaque is great for the closet (We know everything is stuffed in there).

15. This sign is sure to help you find the other wizards in your area.

16. Let's be honest, this is just awesome.

17. And how about this wall decal?

18. All time is hallowed with this awesome Deathly Hallows wall clock.

19. Let the smell of Butterbeer warm your room with this sweet candle.

20. While this mesmerizing owl lamp may not be able to send messages, it sure can help you read them!

21. This mouse pad is the perfect accessory for your desk.

22. Hopefully you won't have to be writing too many scrolls worth of papers, but this feather quill is a wonderful addition just in case.

23. And you'll definitely need to showcase your books with this great hardcover set in its own trunk!

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