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23 People Who Were Accidental Masters Of Disguise

Well, this is awkward....

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1. What came first, the dress or the carpet? The world may never know....

2. This is too good.

3. Who needs a green screen?

4. Art imitating life, imitating art.

5. Actual magic.

6. We're still trying to figure out how they got these jeans to stand up by themselves.

7. 👀

8. Style inspiration comes from everywhere.

9. Seriously, this one is beautiful.

10. Someone still hasn't figured out what's so funny.

11. Pure art.

12. Lookin' good!

13. It looks like she may have tried a little on this one, but major props for getting the background to all line up!

14. Open your eyes and you'll see something funny.

15. Surely this was planned — it's just too perfect.

16. Incredible.

17. They say that that fashion repeats itself, and we're so glad that this pattern is back!

18. Nature is breathtaking.

19. 100 points if you can find the human.

20. Patterns on patterns.

21. Who wore it better?

22. Chameleons have nothing on her.

23. They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

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