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20 Cats That Know How To Summer Better Than You

Get on their level right meow!

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We know summer just started but these cats are already way ahead of the curve. So embrace your Cattitude and let these guys show you how it's done!

1. Relaxing in the Pool

It's always nice to spend some time at the "kitty" pool.

2. Sporting some Shades

Why throw some shade when you can wear some shades?

3. Skateboarding the Day Away

It's so nice to feel the wind in your fur, and catch some sweet air while you're at it.

4. Enjoying Summer Delicacies

This stuff is better than catnip!

5. Having Fun at the Beach

Nothing like the feeling of sand between your paws.

6. Wear the Latest Sun Hat

Find your inner Glamour-puss and try some daring new styles. Because you're worth it.

7. Hanging in a Hammock

There's no better place to catch a quick cat nap.

8. Staying Cool

It's hard wearing a fur coat year-round.

9. Playing at the Park

Just slide on in to the greatest summer ever!

10. Hanging with your Friends

You guys are purrfect for each other.

11. Going on Road Trips

Roll down the windows and crank up some tunes. Possibly something by the Pussycat Dolls?

12. Playing Chicken

But make sure you friend does all the doggy paddling.

13. Catching up on some Summer Reading

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof is pretty good...

14. Fishing

It's never too late to catch some catfish!

15. Lounging on the Porch

It's always nice to take a brief PAWSe and simply relax.

16. Surfing

Get out there and wet your whiskers. Don't be a scaredy-cat.

17. Planning a Picnic

Don't forget that a picnic is not complete without some tuna fish sandwiches.

18. Shooting Some Hoops

Get your CAThlete on and be careful with your claws.

19. Eating Ice Cream

Looks like the cat finally got the cream.

20. And Finally Long Walks on the Beach

Hopefully this was all the inspiration you will need to get started on your summer fun. What are you and your cat planning on doing this summer? Tell us in the comments below!

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