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    18 Things You Only Know If You've Had It With Your Job

    Let's hope your boss doesn't see you reading this.

    1. Suddenly there comes a day where all signs seem to point toward quitting your job.

    CBS / Via

    Car won’t start, guess I should quit. Sky is blue, guess I should quit.

    2. You’ve mentally calculated the exact number of minutes you’ll have to sit through every day.

    20th Century Fox / Via

    Once you take out breaks, eating, and blinking, it's really only about an hour...

    3. You daily compose your "I QUIT!" speech in your head to calm yourself down.

    CBS / KTVA / Via

    You even have the hand gestures planned out — one finger in particular.

    4. You’re irrationally angry at everything while at work.

    Comedy Central / Via

    Someone took my food from the fridge, again. I WILL BURN THIS PLACE TO THE GROUND!!

    5. Every day becomes Casual Friday.

    MTV / Via

    Bunny slippers are appropriate, right?

    6. You have an unspoken quitting pact with your coworkers.

    Lionsgate / Via

    They wouldn’t last a DAY without all of us working here. You jump, I’ll jump.

    7. You just smile when your boss yells at you now.

    FOX / Via

    Nothing you say hurts me. Nothing can hurt me. I’m untouchable.

    8. You try to calculate if the money you're making really matters.

    NBC / Via

    So if I cut out coffee, desserts, OK — all my food… yeah, I still wouldn’t have enough to survive.

    9. Your new catchphrase is, “If they don’t like it, then they can just fire me!”

    Bravo / Via

    Gimme them unemployment benefits.

    10. Your family and friends know about everyone at your job without even having met them.

    Capitol Films

    They don't even ask how your day was anymore. They know: It's always bad.

    11. You will do anything that gets you out of the office, even if just for a few minutes.

    HBO / Via

    You're always the one up for a coffee run. Your ten-minute breaks have stretched to more like 30.

    12. You’ve lost all will to be exceptional.

    FOX / Via

    They should be happy you even showed up today, tbh.

    13. You take anything that isn’t nailed down.


    They can afford to buy another one of these pens — AND these Post It notes!

    14. You perform an absolutely killer impression of your boss.

    NBC / Via

    You and your BWF (best work friend) often do it behind their back during meetings.

    15. You know the Craigslist jobs posting page like a personal diary.

    FOX / Via

    Yep, I applied for that on Monday, those two on Tuesday... yeah, I've gone through this entire page.

    16. You're passing your resumé out like a flyer.

    HBO / Via

    I will take anything that's available. ANYTHING.

    17. You ignore any call from work during your off hours.

    NBC / Via

    They can fix it themselves, they don't own me.

    18. And you’ve thought “That’s the last straw” at least 15 times.


    And that was just today. Soon... so soon...

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