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    16 Moments Only ID Channel Fanatics Have Experienced

    *whispers creepily under breath* "Investigate."

    1. The sweet feeling of relaxation after a long day's work when you finally get to sit down and watch some good ol' MURDER.

    2. Your friends find your obsession with the channel a little odd.

    3. You probably know way too much about how to get away with an actual murder.

    4. You can guess who-dun-it in the first five minutes.

    5. You're pretty sure you’d be a great crime scene investigator.

    6. You find online dating especially challenging, thanks to Web of Lies.

    7. You always make sure you have an alibi.

    8. You never trust life insurance policies.

    9. You freak out every time you hear a strange sound in the middle of the night.

    10. You can easily guess the sentencing.

    11. You're totally soothed by Keith Morrison’s deep dulcet voice.

    12. You watch the news and think, “This is gonna make a great 20/20 episode."

    13. The titles for the episodes are pretty hilarious.

    14. When an episode actually catches you by surprise, you're shook.

    15. The feeling of an unsolved mystery is indescribable.

    16. And finally, that moment when you realize you have been watching this freakin' channel for ten hours straight, and you don't even care.

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