14 Reasons Birds Are Actually Just Supervillians

    Suicide squawk.

    1. They are too smart for their own good.

    2. They never forgive... and they never forget.

    3. They LOVE being dramatic.

    4. And they definitely know how to make an entrance.

    5. They are straight up HATERS.

    6. They are unpredictable.

    7. Their eyes hide secrets.

    8. Destruction is their middle name.

    9. Seriously, they just can't stop.

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    Some birds just wanna watch the world burn...

    10. They are not afraid of anyone.

    11. And they know how to deal with those that get on *their* bad side...

    12. ...before making a quick getaway.

    13. And they have the evil laugh DOWN.

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    14. All in all, they are not just super villains... but also are the perfect partners in crime!

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