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10 Underrated Olympic Sports You Should Absolutely DVR

Trampoline....need we say more?

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1. Equestrian Dressage

Unfortunately this isn't a costume competition for horses, but seeing this fancy prancer is definitely not a let down in the least!
"The only Olympic sport in which men and women compete against each other on a level playing field, equestrian has three disciplines: eventing, dressage, and jumping, all of them with individual and team competitors." (

And if that hasn't sold you already there is a FREESTYLE event...dancing horses... it's all happening.

2. Archery

It's just like the Hunger Games but with a lot less murder....
"A fascinating test of nerve and accuracy, archery made its Olympic debut at Paris 1900, with women joining in four years later. At Rio 2016, both genders will compete in individual and team events, aiming for that perfect score." (

3. Steeplechase

With an epic name like that you know this event is bound for greatness, but who could have anticipated that random bit of water?
"The steeplechase is an obstacle race in athletics, which derives its name from the steeplechase in horse racing." (wikipedia)

Tune in to find out if they will ever catch those steeples!

4. Cycling: BMX

This event definitely doesn't look as easy as remembering how to ride a bike...
"Cycling’s most recent Olympic discipline (it debuted at Beijing 2008), BMX is an exciting sport which mixes intense racing, big jumps and plenty of crashes. In Rio there are men’s and women’s individual events." (

Did they just admit there will be A LOT of crashes? Count us in.

5. Fencing

Public service announcement: No fences were hurt in the making of this sport.
"Choose your weapon: épée, foil or sabre? In the Olympic programme since Athens 1896, the first Games of the modern era, fencing comes to Rio 2016 with three individual and two team events for both men and women." (

This is also the perfect sport to imagine with lightsabers. #LightsabersForOlympics2020

6. Rhythmic Gymnastics

Guys it is the grace of ballet meets the physicality of gymnastics. Yeah its awesome and there are weird props too, what's not to love?
"A spectacular show in which gymnasts use apparatus to wow the judges, this graceful women-only discipline made its Olympic debut more than 30 years ago, at the Los Angeles 1984 Games. Accompanied by music, athletes perform in individual or team events." (

7. Handball

You may of heard of a little sport called futbol(soccer) now imagine it...but with hands!
"Fiercely contested, tactical, skillful and with goals galore, handball is an exciting spectacle. There are men’s and women’s events." (

8. Table Tennis

Unfortunately it appears Forrest Gump will not be on the team this year.
"Table tennis is the most popular racket sport in the world. Devilish spin and incredible reflexes make it a spellbinding spectacle. Men and women compete individually and in teams." (

9. Trampoline

We swear this is real...and AWESOME!
"A stunning exhibition of somersaults and aerial acrobatics, trampoline has been part of the Olympic Games since Sydney 2000. Men and women compete individually, bouncing up to heights that can surpass eight metres." (

10. Modern Pentathalon

For the person who wants it all. This event has something for everyone!
"A classic contest played out in five acts: fencing, swimming, horse riding, shooting and running – with all the events taking place on the same day. Part of the Olympic Games since Stockholm 1912, modern pentathlon has men’s and women’s competitions." (

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