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    Five Secret Hacks To Self-Hypnotizing For Sleep

    Did you know that lack of sleep is one of the first things that cause stress in the body and can eventually cause complications in health and vitality?

    1. Step one...give yourself permission to turn off all distractions…👆Make sure you are in a safe and very comfortable place.

    Tell your son to relax

    2. Step 2 Begin to bring your awareness to your body. Tell yourself you will relax from head to toe and told to head. The subconscious mind prime directive is to protect the body into Begin to bring your awareness to your body. Tell yourself you will relax from head to toe and told to head. The subconscious’s mind prime directive is to protect the body and it believes everything it sees through pictures..

    Carmela Tunzi

    Give yourself permission to fantasize where do you want to go in your dreams.

    3. Step 3

    Give yourself permission to sleep through the night

    As you told your body to relax, now you can focus your attention to the area of your eyelids, roll your eyeballs behind your closed eyelids up towards your forehead and as you do this tell yourself to notice now your eyelids feel heavy and blocked closed.Tell yourself that you notice now your eyebrows can easily move up and down. Go ahead and try this I noticed as you do your eyelids actually feel locked closed and heavy. That’s right.

    4. Step 4

    Now you know that something is happening you begin to feel a sense of letting go imagine now that you actually can see the numbers 100 and begin to count backwards from 100 to 90… See the numbers floating out of your mind and as you do it soon you can take all the rest of the numbers and place them in an imaginary mist or a cloud floating out of your mind. See that cloud gently floating away. So that you can no longer see the numbers… As you have done this you can get yourself ready for the suggestion of sleep. Sleep 😴

    5. Step five


    Now that you’re beginning to feel completely more relaxed and noticed the sensation of your body feeling heavier and relaxed , just give yourself permission to rest and sleep tell yourself ..:I will sleep easy and restfully through the night, repeat three times allowing yourself just to let go and listen to the repetition. Give yourself enough time to repeat and give yourself a suggestion To sleep entirely through the night. Sweet Dreams

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