The 34 Emotions You’ll Definitely Have If You Start A Startup

There are about to be so many feels.

I’m the CEO of a nonprofit launching in less than two weeks called The LittleBigFund. It’s been an awesome ride, but it’s also been frustrating. If you’re starting a company, I think your experience will be a lot like mine. Here’s what to expect:

1. You’ll be so proud of yourself for coming up with the best idea ever…

…that you’ll tell your friends who will react like this because you suck at explaining your genius.

2. To which you’ll respond, “Why the fuck don’t you understand how genius this idea is?”

3. They’ll tell you, “Businesses are a lot of work….I dunnoooo…”

Eventually you’ll get rid of all your suck and explain your idea well enough. They’ll say:

4. At which point you’ll probably do this:

5. Idea tested. Friends’ approval acquired.

6. Soon you’ll encounter how many steps you actually have to go through to start a business and how easily you can royally dick yourself over.

7. Tax information, liabilities, corporations, processing fees, registering, licenses, THE IRS - etc.

8. But you’ll fill it all out anyway, pretending to know what you’re doing…

9. …and when you’re done you’ll look down at all your completed paper work like this:

10. After paying hundreds in processing fees, you’ll wait to hear back from the state. “Did I do everything right? What about the - no! I double checked. SHIT! Was that my correct social? Omgggggggg….”

11. But when you get your “Yes, you’re a CEO now,” letter you’ll feel pretty cool.

12. “Dude. I’m a CEO. I’m a flipping C. E. O.”

13. The power…

14. Until you realize, “Oh yeah….I have to do things now.”

15. You’ll mull over where to even begin…

16. …and feel completely hopeless…

17. …but then inspiration will strike you!

18. “Who’s my target market?”

19. You’ll hate every single networking event you go to…

20. …because everyone will ask you, “Oh so it’s like Kickstarter?”

21. “Seriously. I have this amazing opportunity for you! We should work together” people will say. You’ll have none of it.

22. But you’ll try really hard to have a good time anyways.

23. As you continue to work on your business plan you’ll start noticing small mistakes. But you won’t really care because you know YOU get it and that it’s just a formality you can fix later.

24. But you’ll stay up late fixing everything anyways.

25. If you end up getting a board you’ll all celebrate the awesomeness that is your company.

26. But you’ll soon realize that a board is just another group of people you have to convince…

27. …that will ask you all sorts of really tough questions you haven’t even begun to think about…

28. …to which you’ll answer:

29. But soon you’ll realize the board really just cares about you and your company so you’ll start loving them again.

30. …even if you occasionally have to pull one of these:

31. Down the road you’ll have moments like this:

32. And you’ll fuck up like this:

33. But, if you’re doing what you love, you won’t have any more moments like this:

34. and spend most of your time doing this:

It’s an emotional roller coaster, but you’ll love every second of it.

Okay, okay. You’ll love MOST seconds of it ;)

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