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17 Best TV Work Spouses of All Time

The relationships we make at work help us grow and sometimes help us just get through the day. The most special of these office relationships is the work wife or work husband. If you're lucky enough to have an office spouse, hopefully your relationship isn't as dramatic as some of our favorite work spouses from TV. (The list is in no particular order)

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1. Olivia Benson and Elliot Stabler, Law and Order: SVU

Law and Order: SVU / NBC / Via

Benson and Stabler were as close as two people could be without having an affair. They saw each other at their worst and always had each other’s backs. Benson, the chronic bachelorette, once quipped that Elliot was the longest relationship she had ever been in. Stabler spent more time with Olivia than he did with his “real” family. Like all TV power couples, they’ve had their share of makeups and breakups, but the love is never lost.

2. Alan Shore and Denny Crane, Boston Legal

Boston Legal/ 20th Century Fox / Via

Is there a cuter old married couple, with their banter and nightly pillow talk on the balcony? They were open and honest with each other, for better or worse, and helped each other through some of the most difficult situations they faced. Soul mates.

3. Masters and Johnson, Masters of Sex

Masters of Sex / Showtime / Via

The chemistry between Dr. Bill Masters and Virginia Johnson is visible from the moment they meet. Her vivaciousness perfectly counters his insular quirkiness. They share an indescribable bond, through their work and through something deeper that they can’t quite point to (yet). Their work marriage is not as benign as others, but their dynamic is essential to their work. They argue like husband and wife, and in doing so, push each other to become better scientists and better people.

4. Chief Webber and Dr. Bailey, Grey's Anatomy

Grey's Anatomy / ABC / Via

What started as a mentor-mentee relationship blossomed into a friendship built on mutual respect and being able to depend on each other. Even through the occasional bickering and disagreements, they’re like family.

5. Don and Peggy, Mad Men

Mad Men / AMC / Via

The will-they/ won’t-they tension between Don and Peggy is almost unbearable because there is clearly a connection and a chemistry there, but that is not why they are a perfect work couple. In fact, the reason they are such a perfect work couple is because they haven’t crossed that line. Don is a mess for most of the series, and if they had gotten involved, Peggy would’ve been just another fling in a long line of flings. Instead, there is partnership, camaraderie, and all of the ups and downs that make up a marriage.

6. Leslie and Ron, Parks and Rec

Parks and Rec / NBC / Via

You don’t have to have an undeniable chemistry to be great office spouses. Ron Swanson and Leslie Knope have a great work marriage. She’s the energetic wife who’s always coming up with crafts and renovations for the house while Ron sits in his recliner and moans about the unnecessary nature of her changes. They work because her persistence drives progress while his apathy tempers her sometimes overzealous ideas.

7. Mary Richards and Murray Slaughter, Mary Tyler Moore Show

Mary Tyler Moore Show / CBS / Via

Mary and Murray shared more than desk space and ideas for all those years on the Mary Tyler Moore Show. They became really good friends, and through what could only be pure genius, made idiot-Ted actually sound like an informed newsman every night on the 6 o’clock news.

8. Hank and Divya, Royal Pains

Royal Pains/ USA / Via

Hank and Divya are competent and accomplished on their own, but they’re better together. This is what a healthy work marriage should look like. They’ve practically become family.

9. Harvey and Donna, Suits

Suits/ USA / Via

Donna is the perfect work wife, even when Harvey isn’t always the perfect work husband. He would be pretty much lost without her and he knows it. She knows him better than anyone and is essential to his development. Even though Harvey isn’t always great at showing his appreciation, Donna knows he will always be there for her and have her back. They are both deeply loyal and protective of each other.

10. Derek Morgan and Penelope Garcia, Criminal Minds

Criminal Minds / CBS / Via

Derek Morgan could save me any day, any time! And Garcia clearly feels the same way. Babygirl and Morgan have such a cute and sincere work marriage that keeps him grounded and gives her a strong beautiful man she can always depend on.

12. Jim and Pam, The Office

The Office / NBC / Via

Before Jim and Pam were the perfect actual couple, they were the work spouses we all wish we could be. They made the days at the paper company pass just a little bit faster with their games, jokes, pranks, and easy conversations.

13. Scully and Mulder, X-Files

X-Files/ Fox / Via

I only remember two things about X-Files. Sneaking behind the couch after my bedtime to watch what my parents were watching (and paying for it by being too scared to go to sleep). And, the awesome alien-investigating team that was Scully and Mulder. Series creator Chris Carter said about the work power couple, “They are the equal parts of my desire to believe in something and my inability to believe in something. My skepticism and my faith.”

15. Frasier and Roz, Frasier

Frasier / NBC / Via

Uptight Frasier needed an edgy free-spirited foil like Roz. Their relationship started off rocky, but she ended up being one of his closest friends and probably his healthiest relationship.

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