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The Tools Of My Professional Writing Career

For those not in the know, this is my final project for a class I'm taking at Michigan State University. The essence of the prompt is to provide and describe the tools we plan to use as a write.

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2. Peer Pressure

One of the tools that helps me successfully prepare for my academic endeavours and future career is peer pressure. By having my friend Julie send me antagonizing stares from across the room, I feel pressure to do my work. Also, to stop bothering her.

3. Deh Iphone / Via http://google%20images

This is not just essential to my writing career, but to my livelihood. As pathetic as it may sound, my iphone is my way of staying connected with all things important in my world. Whether it be my aunt's asinine comments on my facebook statuses, breaking news notifications, or a text from my boyfriend just saying hi; this phone is of utmost importance to my existence. Without it, I will run around like a headless velicoraptor. I also frequently use the notes application to jot down any ideas or hw assignments I have coming up.

5. Memes


At face value, memes seem like just a funny internet contraption. Yet, it's a way to figure out what is trending currently in society. Whether it be the Guy Fawkes mask used during the Occupy Protests, or Kanye West's " Imma let you finish" meme, it's a way of keeping up with the under current of pop culture.

6. Microsoft word / Via http://google%20images

A necessary evil in today's world of technology. While I'm not particularly fond of Office, I don't see it fading away particularly soon. Being proficient with Office is essential to today's workplace, even if it is to just send an interoffice memo.

7. Bulletin Board Websites / Via http://Google%20Images

Whether it be Wanelo, Foodgawker, or Pinterest, I find these sites fascinating. A simple layout that is aesthetically pleasing and easy to navigate is my nerdy fantasy. This trend motivates me to learn the ways of the tech force, and provides visual inspiration. I should note, Stumbleupon has just recently switched to this format. This is definitely a trend with staying power.

8. Pop Culture Knowledge

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As someone who plans on hopefully working for an interweb company such as BuzzFeed or Cracked, this knowledge is a must. Whether it's when Oprah's Favorite Things episode airs or how long Kim Kardashian's marriage lasted (72 days), I know it. Also, this will especially prove beneficial for another dream of mine, which is to be a Jeopardy contestant.

9. Business Communication / Via http://I%20Can%20Has%20Cheezburger

WRA 202 has been instrumental in teaching me the knowledge of business communication. The office ethics that affect the content of a memo or resume will surely give me a leg up on my fellow peers in the current job market.

10. My Wit / Via http://Google%20Images

Some may argue that I'm just "weird," but I prefer quirky/witty. It's helped to come up with new and innovative ideas, as well defuse potentially hostile group situations. My wit has saved me more times than I can count.

11. Inspiration / Via http://Instagram

I find inspiration from odd places, like or my dorm Christmas tree color palette. As odd as it sounds, it's the little things that push me to innovate and create.

12. The Interwebs / Via

Obviously, I'm a painstaking example of the internet generation. I find it highly fascinating, whether I'm using it to put off work or catch up with current events. I suspect it will only grow into a bigger part of my life. My knowledge of current trends, which WRA 202 helped to really expand my horizons with, will be an important skill to include in my resume one day.

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