12 Reasons We Can’t Wait For Kimye’s 2014 Wedding

Will the wedding be on a baseball field too?

1. To see what Mason wears

2. To see how Scott reacts to Kim and Kanye’s kiss

3. Because we’re hoping Kim walks down the aisle like this:

4. Because Kanye will make sure people ALWAYS CARE ABOUT KIM!

5. We’re hoping Kris and Bruce will dance like this and get back together

6. The live tweets from the Kardashians at the wedding

7. No one will be barking this time. Hopefully.

8. The camera angles will be less awkward since Kanye isn’t a giant

9. Because we can’t get enough of Khloe and Scott’s extremely odd relationship.

10. The inevitable and classy Kardashian arguments.

11. Taking bets on how long it’ll take for this to happen again.

12. But mainly, we can’t wait to hear Kanye’s wedding vows.

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