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11 Reasons You Are Stoked For Lindsay Lohan's Reality Show

Set your TV for March 9th on OWN!

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1. It will be extremely entertaining to see how bizarre she acts.

2. You can take a shot every time she complains.

3. She will definitely be getting into some mischievous things! Who doesn't love to watch LiLo at her finest?

4. It will be interesting to see who Lindsay hangs out with these days. The Wanted? Paris Hilton? So many options!

5. To see how "candid" she actually gets with viewers.

6. Has she really kicked her bad habits?! LiLo will show us in no time!

7. To see how CRAY her parents act on the show.

8. You're holding out for these beauties to reunite.

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9. Will she comment on Amanda Bynes?? What will she say? Oh, the drama!

10. Will she poke fun at herself? Gotta love when she does that.

11. But most of all, you can't wait for Lindsay's reality show because she is one badass bitch that you've missed like crazy!!!

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