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We Calculated How Much The Always Sunny Gang Has Spent On Their Schemes And Its A Lot!


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If you're familiar with the always sunny gang, you're probably aware of how much trouble they get themselves into. Everything from sinking boats to setting apartments on fire.

Most of which would not be possible without Millionaire Frank Reynolds. But how much exactly has this endless supply of cash costed the gang? 856,569. That's right 856,569! This is not accounting for the damage and escaped convictions they have piled up, but the sole amount they have spent on their neurotic alcohol induced lifestyle. Let me break it down for you.

season 1

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Since Frank wasn't in the picture until season 2, much of the gangs hijinx was based off of a very limited budget. There is only so much a dive bar in south Philly can make especially after being robbed twice. From Tuxedo rentals to attend prom with underage teens, to paying the waitress to sleep with a "dying" friend, the gang only spent about $940.

Season 2

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When Frank demands to join the gang after buying out the bar, money fuels crack addictions and about ten thousand dollars spent in one night on hookers, champagne and limos costing the gang $10,500.

Season 10

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When the gang tried to scam a frequent flyer miles loophole, or started a cult that got their apartment burned down for the second time, or when they flew across the country just to drink and play baseball all set the "ass kickers united" back about $46,700.

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