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    • carrieberry

      I don’t think this list was put together by a Canadian person. Americans assume they know everything and like to stick to the stereotypes.  I grew up in Ontario and now live in Alberta…
      #5 - never ever heard of dinky cars
      #6 - heard it called a converter but I’ve always called it a remote
      #9 - never heard of soccer baseball, always kickball
      #11 - we know the difference between a bathrobe and housecoat; bathrobe is that towel material for when you come out of the shower and a housecoat is just a robe to throw on while at home, mine is red, soft and plushy :)
      #13 - I have both taken and written a test—depends on the type of test
      #17 - I just call it cheese slices
      #18 - I’ve used both bathroom and washroom (washroom usually for when no bathtub/shower is present)
      #21 - brown toast is just a shorter way to say whole wheat, we don’t call it that all the time
      #22 - never heard of a garburator, probably because I’ve never had a garbage disposal unit
      #25 - grades/marks are interchangeable
      #26 - rubber bands/elastics are interchangeable

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